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Addaeim for Oil Services is also hereby appointed and authorized as the exclusive sales representative for K.V.A Products within Libya and as such is authorize to solicit orders for K.V.A. Products.

K.V.A., a division of Pier Engineering Inc., services the electrical utilities, electrical equipment manufacturers and many others that use transformer, switchgear, motor and other electrical equipment. K.V.A. manufactures from our standard drawings or customers' drawings and specifications. K.V.A. can develop, design and manufacture specialty parts, assemblies and equipment according to customer requirements. A wide variety of quality electrical components are available from K.V.A. Cable connectors, splices, crimping, brazing and soldering terminals are designed to accommodate the varying industrial applications.

K.V.A. Products Include:



  • Tongue Connectors
  • Tee Connectors
  • Cable Splices
  • Brazing Sleeves

Components & Accessories

  • Corona Shields
  • Tap Changer Contacts
  • Bus Bar Assemblies
  • Flex Strap Connectors

Special Transformer Equipment & Assemblies

  • 35 MVA Transformer Tank
  • Internal Transformer Cooling Copper Coils
  • Distribution Transformer Assemblies
  • Transformer Transfer Turtle Rail Cart



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